About Wood Reclaimed

Wood reclaimed is wood restored to its former beauty and transformed into modern art work. Have you ever seen an old house or an old barn or even an old shed and thought about all of the wood that was used on the outside and the inside - oak, hickory, heart of pine, wormy chestnut, walnut, cherry, maple and so much more.

Much living went on in and around those buildings. But as time passed - roads passed them by - people moved on. The buildings aged and began to weather and many began to sag and droop and lean. Some even fell. A lot of people would just raze these old derelicts and burn the wood as if it were rubble. An artisan, however, would see picture frames in barn and house siding (a picture of one of our old black Labrador Retrievers is framed this way), our coffee table is an old pine log with wheel spokes for legs, our mantel in the master bedroom was salvaged from an old house in High Point, NC. We have two lamps that were made from wagon wheel hubs. Frank laid a heart-of-pine floor in the Sharp cabin at the Farmstead at the Iredell County Museum from the pine salvaged from a school house. The list could go on and on.

Table legs or bed posts might be hiding in porch posts or, like Mary's work table, a tabletop in a pine log cabin door. To see the hearth-cooking worktable Frank built for Mary using her log cabin pine door for the top, visit the first page of his Door-to-Table wood reclaimed project by clicking Wood Reclaimed: Door-to-Table 1

Wood reclaiming has become more regulated in that, depending upon its intended use, the wood is often required to be kiln dried. While removing moisture from the wood, this high-heat process also kills insects, eggs, larvae, and all other forms of "life" in the wood. Unfortunately, it can also destroy the wood under certain conditions. If you are looking for more than hardwood flooring, and you want to "Bring History into Your Home," visit

Old Growth River Wood.

located in Wilmington, NC. According to Chris Metz: "Although the most popular application of our recovered riverwood is used for hardwood flooring, riverwood is also ideal for fine wainscoting, wall paneling, stair systems, hand-crafted custom furniture, counter tops, cabinets and more."

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