Glue Wood Turning Block (Screw Block) to Wood Lathe Turning Blank

Woodturning-Classic Bowl Turning
for Beginners

Lesson - 1b

Glue screw block to woodturning blank

Part I - 10

Wood Turning Block: To begin , I am putting wood glue on the base of the turning blank - around the finishing nail - taking in my 4" circle. You will put enough glue to take in the size of your wood turning screw block, if it is not 4".

Applying Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue

Part I - 11

You just want to put on enough adherent to have good holding power so that the wood turning block bonds tightly to the turning blank.

NOTE: In shop projects, always use a good quality adhesive. There are several brands on the market, but my preference is Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue. It sets up quickly - with a strong bond. It sands easily. There are no toxic fumes and, if spilled, it cleans up with water.

Picture of glueing wood turning blank

Part I - 12

Now, you should use your fingers to spread the adhesive on the woodturning blank. You want to be sure that it is spread out smoothly.

Gluing brown paper on wood turning block

Part I - 13

You begin to put things together at this step.

First, place your brown paper onto the base of the wood turning block by putting it down over the finishing nail. Then, smooth it down.

Picture of glueing turning block

Part I - 14

Coat the screw block with adhesive.

Part I - 15

Put the screw block down over the finishing nail and onto the brown paper. Press firmly.

Prepare woodturning blank for clamps

Part I - 16

Place a board across the block that is the same width as the turning blank. You need this for the clamps that you are going to use in the next step.

Putting clamps on woodturning blank

Part I - 17

Put a clamp on each side of the turning blank as shown in this picture. (I use Irwin Quick Grip clamps.) I usually let it set up overnight.

I used a mahogany turning blank for the rest of the lessons on wood turning.

Below is a picture of the bowl I created from the walnut-cherry laminated blank pictured in the clamps above. To see the box made up of the top and bowl in Gallery 2, just click on the picture.

Woodturned walnut bowl with laminated cherry band

This concludes Lesson - 1b.

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