My Showroom of
Classic Turned Keepsakes

Picture at the Boar's Head Inn

Mahogany Goblet

Picture of Mahogany Goblet

The first picture in my showroom is of Frank's senior high school wood turning project - a classic Mahogany Goblet and Plate. The plate is signed "Frank Parlier" and is dated Nov 1950. He said that this project would still be challenge - even after almost 60 years of experience.

Birch Bedposts

Picture of Birch Bedposts

Frank turned these 8'-0" Birch Bedposts in the early 1970s. They have a polyurethane finish. The painting at the head of the bed is a signed original oil-on-canvas by Mr. Thomas Grady Hamilton, late, of Maybank, Texas.

The following four pictures are of my collection of turned wooden bowls, a pot, and a plate.

Picture of Wood Turned Bowls

Picture #1 Myrtle wood

Picture #2 Mahogany

Picture #3 Mahogany

Picture #4 Cherry

Picture #5 Ambrosia Maple

Picture of Wood Turned Bowls

Picture #6 Cherry

Picture #7 Mahogany

Picture #8 Mahogany - stained

Picture #9 Mahogany - stained

Picture #10 Mahogany

Picture of Wood Turned Bowls

Picture #11 Mahogany - stained

Picture #12 Cherry

Picture #13 Cherry

Picture #14 Cherry - a box with a removable lid

Picture of Wood Turned Bowls

Picture #15 Mahogany

Picture #16 Walnut plate

Picture #17 Cherry - walnut segmented center

The following pictures are those of some of the furniture with turned legs and turned pedestals that Frank has built.

Walnut Candlestick Table

Picture of Walnut Candlestick Telephone Table

This is a solid Walnut Reproduction Candlestick Telephone Table that Frank built in 1981. He turned the legs and all of the short pieces separating the shelves and the segmented rail. He also curved the front of the small drawer.
Frank built this table from a picture that I tore out of a magazine. Oh, yes - the telephone still works! We used it when we first moved into the house in the days of rotary telephones.

Pine Wash Stand

Picture of Pine Wash Stand

This antique reproduction Pine Wash Stand was built by Frank in 1986. The turned legs are of simple design, yet elegant, and compliment the classic design of the stand.

Walnut Pedestal Table

Picture of Walnut Pedestal Table

This is a solid Walnut Pedestal Table that Frank designed and built in the 1980's. As with all of the furniture that he builds, it is classic in design - even to the ball at the base of the pedestal. I often put a large plant on it - always being careful not to allow water to get on the table top.

Oak Shaker Sewing Table

Picture of Oak Shaker Sewing Table

This is an Oak Shaker Sewing Table that Frank built in 2004. The Shaker Sewing Table has a turned pedestal and small cabriole-style legs. He has built Shaker Sewing Tables out of Oak, Walnut, and Cherry. He gave one as a gift, donated one to a charity, will donate this table in December to be auctioned by the Wilkes Heritage Museum, but the Cherry table - it belongs to me.

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