Wood Turning Tips and Techniques - by a Classic Woodturner

Wood Turning Tips and Techniques included below are also part of the woodturning lessons. Each section is linked to the applicable lesson.

Picture of finishing nail in woodturning blank

1. Cut a block at least 3/4" thick from a piece of scrap wood that is the size of your face plate.
2. Cut a piece of brown paper bag the size of your block and punch a hole in the center.
3. Put a 1 1/2" finishing nail in the base of your turning blank, no more than 1/8" deep.

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Picture of turning blank being prepared for lathe

4. Rub wood glue around the finishing nail on the turning blank.
5. Press the brown paper on the glue on the turning blank, centered on the finishing nail.
6. Put glue on the block that you cut out, and put it down over the nail onto the brown paper. Press firmly.

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Picture of turning blank that has been

7. Before beginning to turn the outside of the bowl, make sure the face of the blank is true.

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Picture of drawing of bowl to turn

8. Draw a picture of one side of the bowl that you plan to turn. If you don't have an idea in your head before you start turning, then you just might as well not even do it. You will waste your turning blank.
9. Keep the picture where you can see it while you are turning.
10. For how to measure bowl depth, and tips on sanding, click the link below to go to Lesson - 2b.

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Picture of turning on wood lathe

11. Have the lathe at the right height so that you maintain good body postion for wood turning.
12. Have plenty of light.
13. Wear protective glasses and a mask.

Picture of Polyurethane Finish on Mahogany  Bowl

15. Techniques:

For Preparing the Wood Blank, See Turning Lessons 1a & 1b
For Wood turning, See Turning Lessons 2a & 2b.
For Sanding, See Turning Lesson 2b
For Making a decorative burn, See Turning Lesson 2b
For Finishing the Bowl, See Turning Lesson 3

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