Tanglewood Oak - Oldest known White Oak in NC - is located at the Manor House in Clemmons

The Tanglewood Oak in Tanglewood Park, Clemmons, Forsyth County, NC, was celebrated at its 400th birthday in October 2007. The land on which Tanglewood Park is located was first owned by Lord William Linville, a portion of which he deeded to the Ellis family in 1753. In 1757, William Johnson purchased the central portion of the property (one mile square) which is now part of Tanglewood Park. In 1859, James Johnson (grandson) had the 18-room manor house built on the hilltop of the estate as a wedding gift for his daughter, Emily. Fortunately, the great white oak was undisturbed. William Neal Reynolds bought the property in 1921 from the Johnson heirs, increased the holding to 1,100 acres, and enlarged the manor house to 28 rooms. Again, the giant white oak was left unharmed. The huge limbs have been cabled to help the oak withstand the elements. Of course, nature has given NC this great tree and nature will reclaim it some day. Man can only forestall the inevitable.

Some Day came on March 6, 2013. The largest white oak in North Carolina toppled in a wind storm. To read more about this in an article by Jazmine Kilpatrick, go to

"White Oak Tree Fell Due to Strong Winds"

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2013 Festival of Lights

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