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Small Oak Chest

Picture of Small Oak Chest

Cody began his 2006 student year in shop by building and finishing this small Oak Chest. Here he is filling before he begins the finishing.

Sign at Tabor Presbyterian Church
Olin NC
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Picture of Woodworking in Shop

The next large project Cody had to work on was to help me build a sign for Tabor Presbyterian Church in Olin, NC. He learned more than wood working on this one. By the time Cody's student lessons were finished on this project, he had learned about brick laying and a host of other things.

Picture of brick foundation for sign

Picture of Tabor Presbyterian Church Sign

Mahogony Sideboard/Buffet
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Picture of Sanding with Electric Sander

This Mahogany Sideboard was a commissioned piece of furniture that Cody and I built. As my apprentice for over a year, Cody had become quite capable in the use of the shop tools and equipment. When he first became a student of mine, however, he did a lot of the work by hand before I let him use the tools that made the job easier. About his second or third lesson, Cody asked me if I "didn't have a tool that would do the job." I answered, "Yes, but you aren't going to use it." Once he learned how to use his hands, then I let him use the tools.

The pictures below show the Sideboard before staining and after staining.

Picture of Mahogany Sideboard

Picture of Mahogany Sideboard - stained

Dragon Puzzle: 5" Peroba rosa

Picture of Dragon Puzzle

To teach Cody how to use the Scroll Saw and to have a little bit of fun, we cut out a dragon puzzle. The pattern is included in "Fantasy & Legend - Scroll Saw Puzzles" by Judy and Dave Peterson. If you have an interest in wood puzzles, this book was published by Fox Chapel Publishing.

Late in 2006, except for some small projects, I had to stop working in the shop with Cody for a while.

And So Ended 2006

Back to Work - 2007 and 2008

Cabinet For TV and Storage

Picture of a drawing for a small cabinet.

Draw it - then build it.

This cabinet was commissioned to be given as a Christmas gift.

Musical Jewelry Box and Truck Bank

Picture of Musical Jewelry Box and Bank Truck

Cody made these gifts for his mother and father for Christmas. Hers was a Walnut Jewelry Box that plays music when it is opened. His was a Walnut Truck Bank. We have made several Truck banks. If you have an interest in building one, you can find the pattern in Woodsmith - NO. 41 (Sept/Oct 1985).

Solid Walnut Writing Table with Cabriole Legs

Picture of unfinished cabriole leg.

There was very little left to teach Cody about woodturning and woodworking in general. He was now at the stage of learning how to make elegant full-sized furniture legs - the Cabriole. He really found it interesting when the waste began falling off while cutting on the bandsaw to reveal the leg.

If you are a woodworking student and want to progress to making Cabriole legs on your own, you will not find a better "teacher" than Issue #43 of Woodsmith (Jan./Feb. 1986).

Better yet - click the link below to go to Woodsmith Issue 174 to order a pattern directly from them.

Cabriole Leg Pattern from Woodsmith Magazine

Picture of Walnut Writing Table with Cabriole Legs

This is the Walnut Writing Table that we built.

Cody's Candle Stand

Draw it.

Picture of Wood Turned Candle Stand

Cody designed this Candle Stand. He turned it, accent-burned it, and finished it.

Colonial Shaving Horse

Picture of Shaving Horse

A Shaving Horse was indispensable in Colonial days. It was the workbench for shaping almost anything with a drawknife or spokeshave. We built this one for the Wilkes Heritage Museum and will be demonstrating its use at the Festival to be held there December 13, 2008. The official opening of the Revolutionary War exhibit will also take place.

Cabinet for Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame Kiosk

Picture of Bluegrass Kiosk at Wilkes Museum

We designed and built this cabinet for the kiosk for the Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame at the Wilkes County Heritage Museum. The kiosk contains images, biographies, and songs performed by current Hall of Fame inductees.

Picture of Cabinet for Kiosk

Did you see Cody grow from
a boy to a young man?
We didn't either.

These Apprentice Pages are just highlights of the work that Cody and I have done since March 2005. There have been small and not-so-small items that I used for training purposes, but were also functional pieces.

Cody is no longer my student - he is my assistant. If you would like to commission a piece of furniture, please go to "contact us" on the homepage and use the INFO form. We will get back to you.

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