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Before I get into the Jewelry Box Music instructions, I am going to show you how to make the strips to cover the top edges of the Jewelry Box and the Drawer. In my opinion, the strips give the Jewelry Box a more refined look.

Picture #38 shows you that I am cutting the strips that will go around the top of the box and the top of the drawer.

Picture #38

Once you have cut the strips, you will need to miter the corners as you can see in Picture #39.

If you do not have a machine to do this, it is just as easy to do it by hand.

Picture #39

In picture #40, I am fitting the strips on the top of the box. You will need to leave a 1/8 inch overlap protruding into the box and into the drawer. You do this so that when you glue the felt in, the overlap will cover the edge of the felt so that it will not be seen when you look down into the box or the drawer.

Picture #40

Put glue on the box and the drawer and spread it with your fingers. Then press the strips down on the glue and use small brads to hold them, as you see in Picture #41. After you have put the brads in, use a nail punch to drive the heads slightly down into the wood.

Picture #41

The next step is to cut the excess off of the wedges so that you have your decorative mock dovetails.

Picture #42

Now you are ready to make the box to hold the
Musical Movement

The musical movement (Picture #43) is put in the top left corner of the jewelry box, placed so that you can reach the wind-up mechanism. It is in the back in the top left corner so that the wire will stick out and the lid will close on it to stop the music.

Picture #43

All you have to do is attach the mechanism to a thin piece of wood that will reach from the bottom of the jewelry portion of the box to the underside of the overhang on the strip. You will also need to put a narrow piece of wood on the side to close in the small box, as you can see in Pictures #44, #45, and #46. The musical movement should come with the hardware necessary to mount it on the piece of wood.

Picture #44

(looking down on the musical movement)

Picture #45 shows you the strips with the 1/8 inch overlap, the bottom of the jewelry box, the placement of the musical movement, and the wire that stops the music when the lid is closed. Jewelry Box Music really makes the gift personal for that special someone.

Picture #45

Mount the hinges on the top of the Jewelry Box before you proceed to the next page..

Picture #46

The best place that I have found to order musical movements is from
Music Box Attic

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