Jewelry Box Finish
includes Putting the Hardware On -
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Before we get to the polyurethane Jewelry Box Finish, the following pictures show putting the hardware on. These are just little hinges, buttons and a latch (Picture #46 and Picture #47).

Picture #46

Picture #47

In Picture #48 you see that I am putting in a little screw eye so that I can put a lid-retainer chain. This is so that the box lid will not go all the way back when it is opened.

Picture #48

Picture #49 shows you the lid-retainer chain attached to the box.

Picture #49

In Pictures #50 and #51, I am beginning to apply the Jewelry Box Finish. Before you do this, make sure you have done all of your sanding on the box and look at it with a bright light. If you miss seeing sanding marks before you apply the polyurethane, you will most certainly see them after you have applied it. This can be very disappointing.

In this case, it being cherry wood, I saw no reason to apply stain.

I put one coat of polyurethane high gloss and sanded it after it had dried.

Picture #50

Picture #51

After I have sanded the high gloss polyurethane finish, I apply 2-3 coats of satin polyurethane (Pictures #52 and 53). Each coat is sanded after it has dried.

Picture #52

Picture #53

The last process is to take a piece of burlap, put 30W motor oil on it, and dip the burlap in pumice stone. Rub all of the finish as hard as you can. This will cut off the high gloss glare and give you a finish like you see in Picture #54. Next, glue felt in the Jewelry Box and the Drawer.

Picture #54

and last ... Wax your Musical Jewelry Box with Johnson's Paste Wax. Let the wax dry and then polish it. You will have a beautiful gift for that special someone.

Picture #55

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