Jewelry Box Drawer Cavity
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The next step in building the Jewelry Box
is to cut out the thickness
for the jewelry box drawer cavity.
Before you do any sawing, however,
you need to determine the cavity's height
so that you can go ahead and put in the
bottom of the jewelry portion of the box.
It will be seated just above
the drawer head.

You should, as I am doing in Pictures #11 and #12, cut your drawer head to actual size so you can see where to seat the bottom inside the box.

Picture #11

Picture of sizing Jewelry Box Drawer Head - a.

Picture #12

Picture of sizing Jewelry Box Drawer Head

To finish preparing the drawer cavity, you will cut out a section of the box for the thickness of the drawer head
(just like you did for the height
of the drawer head). You can see the cutting process in Picture #13.

Picture #13

Picture of cutting thickness for Jewelry Box Drawer Head.

When you have finished making the cut, go ahead and make the bottom to fit on the inside of the box, just above the drawer head, and seat it. Be sure you cut it so that you have a snug fit. Rub glue with your fingers into the wood all the way around the board and carefully put it in place. If you have any problems keeping the bottom seated, you can put a few small brads through the box into the sides and ends. Only do this if absolutely necessary.

Then, cut the bottom for the base of the jewelry box, over-sized, as you see in Pictures #14 and #16. You make the bottom of the box over-sized as that makes it easier just to mark and cut the base to fit the Jewelry Box. When you mark where to cut you will leave a small amount sticking out all the way around.

Picture #14

Picture of base for Wooden Jewelry Box

Picture #15 shows me setting the
drawer head in the box.
You will need to do this so that you can determine what size to actually cut the bottom of the Jewelry Box to overlap the drawer front.

Picture #15

Picture of Drawer Head for Wooden Jewelry Box.

Picture #16

Picture of excess to cut off Wooden Jewelry Box base.

Picture #17 shows cutting off the excess from the bottom of the box.

Picture #17

Picture of sizing base for Wooden Jewelry Box.

Picture #18 shows the base sawed to fit the Jewelry Box. Notice how small the amount is that I have left sticking out around the box.

Picture #18

Picture of Wooden Jewelry Box drawer cavity.

Pictures #19 and #20 show the jewelry box with the drawer head and the base.

Picture #19

Picture of Wooden Jewelry Box drawer head in place.

Picture #20

Picture of side view of Wooden Jewelry Box base and drawer head.

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