Making Jewelry Box Dovetails and Button Feet
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This page of the project shows you how to make mock Jewelry Box dovetails and button feet.

The Jewelry Box Button Feet will be made on the Drill Press

In order to make the button feet, I use a plug cutter mounted on the drill press. You can see this in picture #23. Pictures #24 and #25 show you the process of creating the feet from a piece of cherry (the wood I used for this jewelry box). The plug cutter enables you to cut out small round pieces of wood.

Picture #23

Picture #24

Picture #25

The next operation is more delicate than anything up until this time. On picture #26 I have set my router clamped in the vise, and I have set it with a dovetail bit. If you have a router table you will not need to put it in a vise. I find it just as easy to do it this way.

Picture #26

Picture #27 shows you that you should test the dovetail bit you have selected on a piece of scrap wood to be sure that you will make the cuts the correct size on the Jewelry Box.

Picture #27

As you can see in Picture #28, you must hold the box as near to a 45 degree angle as you can so that you cut the dovetails into the edges. Mark their locations in pencil before making any cut.

Be sure that you are wearing eye protection before you begin cutting the dovetails.

Picture #28

You are going to saw the top off of the box after you get all of the dovetails in, so you have to BE SURE that you leave enough space between the top and second dovetails so that you can saw off the top without cutting into a dovetail.

You must also be careful not to have a dovetail cut at the drawer cavity. Keep in mind that you will have four dovetails on both of the front edges and six dovetails on both of the back edges. Look at the picture of the jewelry box below to see where I sawed out on the front edges for the dovetails. Also notice that I have added the button feet to the bottom of the box. Keep in mind, these are mock Jewelry Box dovetails. Making true dovetails by hand is beyond the scope of this project.

Before proceeding to the next page, this would be a good time to make the Jewelry Box drawer. You will just make a simple drawer. You will apply the drawer head to the box by using screws from inside the box into the back of the drawer head.

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